Beijing Ruihe Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd

 Beijing Ruihe Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as to Ruihe Brokering) is a national insurance brokering company that was authorized by CIRC. The head quarter is located in Beijing and its registered capital is 10 million Yuan. It operates business of property insurance, life insurance and reinsurance nationwide, and provides consultative services in disaster prevention, damage prevention, risk assessment and risk management.

 Upholding the principle of “one customer, comprehensive service”, Ruihe Brokering is dedicated to improve its technology and service. With professional insurance skills, rich experience and technology support form experts, according to different risk situation of all companies, it makes insurance plan that suits customers' demands and reasonably transfer risks to ensure a better cost performance of the insurance, thus protecting customers' rights and maximizing their profits.

 The company has a team of experts in insurance, finance, electronics, law, medicine and prevention of road accident. It also hires experts in machine manufacturing, electricity, chemical engineering, construction and transportation to provide technology support, which combines insurance, risk management and techniques in other fields perfectly. It makes insurance plan, assesses the loss and assists claims via providing plan of risk management to ensure a quality and effective service of insurance brokering. They are very proud that they not only have professionals rich in experience of domestic insurance, but also have experts who are experienced in overseas risk management and insurance brokering.

 We have great ability of negotiating with insurance companies. Every one of us knows well about products, insuring conditions and financial solvency of all insurance and reinsurance companies.We provide our customers with perfect claim services. We are so sure about our business with insurance and reinsurance companies, because we know everything about their provisions and claim procedures. Our employees are experienced in claiming and will apply right strategy to maximize profits for our customers.

 Knowing and meeting customers’ needs is the center of everything we have done. We will also use our experience and knowledge to control, avoid, prevent and transfer risks for our customers, letting them have maximum security at the least cost. We are the best consultant of risk management and provider of insurance plan for you.