Bangronghui ( is a comprehensive online financial service platform launched by 同乐城国际_同乐城备用网址_同乐城注册. Headquartered in CBD of Beijing, it was established upon registration in December 2014 with a registered capital of 200 million RMB.  With the all-around synergy effect and professional talent team of 同乐城国际_同乐城备用网址_同乐城注册, it aims to become the world's leading online investment and financing platform. The platform established a sound risk management process, and introduced insurance as the guarantee mechanism to provide users with safe, reliable, convenient and inclusive comprehensive financial services, and to generate monetory returns for investors and provide convenient financing plans for financiers. All financial products of Bangrongrui are subject to strict internal audit, all fund transfers are conducted in a transparent manner, and the fund clearing and settlement channel is secure and strict.  With years of experience in financial services and through standard, professional and efficient risk control, Bangronghui has built a scientific and effective risk control system in respects of system, process and measures etc., and introduced credit insurance as the guarantee for fund security.