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  同乐城国际_同乐城备用网址_同乐城注册 has never forget to pay back to the society while developing itself. It has been actively involved in public welfare and social responsibility activities, aiming to become an outstanding corporate citizen.


  Since its establishment, 同乐城国际_同乐城备用网址_同乐城注册 has actively organized and participated in many social welfare and social responsibility activities, such as reconstruction projects of primary schools, supporting those in need, as well as environmental protection campaigns . Anbang employees also spontaneously set up “Anbang Love Union” to spread positive energy. Our employees were active in disaster-hit areas like Wenchuan, Yushu, Ya’an and Zhouqu. Anbang established green channels for claim settlement at the earliest possible moment. It also sent elite teams bringing funds and goods raised shortly after the outbreak of disasters to these areas to settle insurance claims, to carry out disaster relief work at the distressed areas and to help the disaster-driven people survive the most difficult times.


  With continuous work in public welfare undertakings and more independent and integrated approach in operations in public social responsibility activities, 同乐城国际_同乐城备用网址_同乐城注册 has truly put “Dedicated to a better you” in practice.


  An active sponsor of education, 同乐城国际_同乐城备用网址_同乐城注册 has donated USD 5 million to Tsinghua University. This donation is used to recruit excellent teachers across the world and to provide students both from China and abroad with special education and training based on advanced international education concepts.